Ultimate Bridal Shower

The Ultimate Bridal Shower is back!

Bridal showers are a great way to enjoy the last moments with your friends as your wedding day nears! It often a time of eating, fun and sharing of experiences to help the bride-to-be prepare for the marriage journey. The Ultimate Bridal Shower will be taking place on 8th of September during this year’s Grand Wedding Expo event.

The bridal shower session is geared towards helping couples balance between planning their wedding and preparing for healthy marriages. We will have a panel comprising of a celebrity couple, relationship expert and an officer from the marriage registrar’s office. Apart from the panelists, the session will incorporate fun games and prizes that you and your bridal party can win!

Come prepared to have fun, get your questions answered and learn more about life after the vows.

To be part of the Ultimate Bridal Shower, buy your tickets here.