Why showcasing at a wedding exhibition is the best thing for your business

If you offer different types of services related to weddings, this is one of the most cost effective ways of reaching your customer base. Wedding exhibitions attract a large number of brides, grooms, family and even friends that are involved in wedding planning.

Benefits of exhibiting at a bridal expo

There are over 100,000 weddings in Kenya every year which makes it possible for you to get business with proper marketing.  So, how can participating in a bridal expo boost your marketing activities and get you the bookings you need?

  • The event offers a great platform for exhibitors to interact with potential brides as well as grooms face to face, which cannot be said of other types of advertising.
  • The event is mutually beneficial for the bride as well as exhibitor as they can speak directly to each other. This type of interaction allows you to conveniently answer every question asked by a bride while developing connections emotionally.
  • Most expo organizers have an extensive marketing and publicity campaign that will attract large numbers of your target audience to the event venue, which means more business and bookings for you. You can also take advantage of other advertising opportunities they have on offer.
  • As an exhibitor you have an opportunity to sell your products as well as services in the most cost effective way possible.
  • Exhibitors can also participate in various competitions at the exhibition resulting in added exposure for your company and services.

Tips to book clients at a wedding exhibition

Booking a stand at a bridal expo is only the first step in having a successful time at a wedding related event.  Start early by making a list and organizing all the items that will be used in the decoration and running of the booth. Place the items in a designated area in the week before the event and checking them off your list. Also, ensure that you carry some snacks and water for your workers that will be in the booth all day.
On the day of the expo, arrive early and assemble the various decorations in a professional manner. The final look of the booth after it is complete should be attractive without any items that attendees can trip over.  After setting up the booth, interact with the other service providers that have already arrived. Most of the discussions are good for networking and also a good way to exchange business cards that could turn into a booking.

Overall, aim to present, yourself, your business products or services in the best way possible. Always wear a SMILE!

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